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Planning the future workforce at a national statistics collection agency.

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A large independent producer of national statistics in Europe was going through a major organizational transformation to ensure that it remained relevant and fit for purpose in the future.


The organization had two major challenges:

  • The company identified that it needed to change its skills mix to support a more digitally enabled way of working and delivery output whilst becoming leaner and more efficient in the process.
  • The organization handles the collection of mass data periodically. This means the size of its workforce continually fluctuates. It needed to find a cost-effective way of resourcing during the busy period, including identifying the right balance of agency and permanent staff.

Korn Ferry Hay Group and its strategic workforce planning technology partner, Dynaplan, worked with the client to develop a strategic workforce model. The model included an analysis of current workforce supply, workforce requirements across the 10 year planning horizon and modelling of the dynamics of the workforce (how the workforce would likely develop) over that period. The model clearly identified that there was the potential for multi-million pound savings. Korn Ferry then developed a strategy for a long term approach to resourcing that would realize these savings and provided the tools to support implementation.


As part of the plan they worked to identify the critical skills needed during the busiest part of the company’s workflow—the data collection period and how these could be transferred into the wider organization once the active period came to an end.


The client now has a strategic workforce plan, as well as a robust resourcing strategy for the entire organization. They also have a clear understanding of the critical skills needed now and for the future.

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